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What is this?
A squee of Show-positive individuals from all walks of SPN fandom (and a few who aren't affiliated with SPN at all), looking to have fun and make lots of :D faces. A designated 'safe space' for all topics and all perspectives.
Why is it locked/moderated?
Because the safest spaces so often are.
How do I join?
You have to pass a test. Part of the test is not knowing that you're being tested. Talk to [info]kalliel or [info]naatz. (We're friendly!)

Interests (70):

, (w)incest, alcohol, all the characters forever, animorphs, assassin's creed, au2, banana bread, calling castiel, camwhoring, canon, capslock, cats, clairestiel, coffee, coke, cookies, crazy manips, crossovers, cuddling, dragon age, emoceans, fan art, fan fiction, fandom, fire, floggers, gaming, gmt, hair, hugs, karaoke, kink, knitting, licking, meta, ninja, ocean of feelings, off topic, orgies, otters, owls, pepsi, petting, pirates, podfic, policlowns, porn, portal, pudding, robots, rubber duckies, samurai, snow, spanikopita, squeelock, stalking, supernatural, swallow puddle, tangrams, tea, tentacles, thingstiel, tmi, tongues, turtles, vids, voicewhoring, yarn, zombies
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